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BSVC - TRM 2005

05.05.2005 bis 07.05.2005

Baltic Sea Virtual Campus
Master Course Transregional Management

Veranstalter / 20 partners from the entire Baltic Sea Area
Ansprechpartner / Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Swoboda
Ort /HAW Hamburg

The "Baltic Sea Virtual Campus" is a project with partners from almost the whole Baltic Sea region.

The project aims at building up sustainable e-learning structures in the Baltic Sea region, to supply the Baltic Sea countries equally with academic online education in future. Thereby the project contributes to equal regional development in the course of the growing importance of lifelong learning.

Between the years 2002 and 2005, 13 modules for the Transregional Management Online Master Programme were developed and a pilot phase had started in Oct. 2004. The regular programme will start in Oct. 2005

Transregional Management is concerned with the development of the mobile society, where production, labour, education and leisure increasingly move across the borders of traditional nation states. A new professional role is emerging in this context, focused upon managing new flows of goods, people and information.

The link below gives you access to a streaming video documentation from the 5th to 7th of May 2005: "Midterm Meeting and Feedback Workshop" with the first BSVC student group Transregional Management (TRM) in Hamburg.

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Aufgezeichnete Veranstaltungen

Midterm Meeting and Feedback Workshop

05.05.2005 bis 07.05.2005 / Hamburg mehr